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If you are using the Youare.com.au website, it implies that you have read and agree to this Privacy Policy. This website is constantly updated and supplemented with new features and services, and this document is updated to reflect the same. If you have any questions about this privacy policy, you can contact us by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

On behalf of the Youare.com.au team, we wish you success in finding and promoting your business, goods or services.

1.       The provisions of this Privacy Policy apply to everyone who visits the Youare.com.au website (hereinafter - website), actions that they can perform at the Website, including (but not limited) to registering at the Website, creating personal business pages, using the search options, reading available information, furnishing any kind of information and (or) data presentation of their receipt (hereinafter - Services).

2.       Any person using the Services shall unconditionally agree with this Privacy Policy, which sets targets for the collection of personal information and methods of its storage conditions and so on. If a person disagrees with this Privacy Policy, they shall not be entitled to any of the Website services.

3.       Neither the owner of the Website, nor any other third parties, except as provided by law of Australia, are allowed to store and administer personal data of individuals. As such, confidential personal information cannot be transferred to third parties without specific and explicit consent of the person.

4.       Users have the right to visit the Website without providing any information about themselves, but if they want to use some of the services of the Website, the Website will ask owner to provide personal data, check or use them for other services on the Website.

5.       The owner of the Website advises all parents and guardians to teach their children safe and responsible disposal of personal data on the Internet. Persons below 18 years of age should not pass their personal information on the Website without parental or guardian consent. The Website owner never knowingly collects any personal information from users who are less than 18 years of age, and will not disclose such data to third parties without the person's consent. For the previously mentioned conditions, the Website owner believes that people who visit the Website are at least 18 years or older. In case the owner notices any registered members less than 18 years of age and having no individual requests, or a person who has filed false information, their membership would be terminated without notice to withdraw from the Website.

6.       It is the sole discretion of the Website owner, in full and in any form that is not prohibited by Australian legislation, to use all the information available about the users visiting the Website in order to provide them best quality services.

Individual Registration

1.       In order for a person to make effective use of the Website services and get all of them, they are required to register and provide personal data. Providing your contact information on the Website means the person is aware, agrees, and hopes that it can be used to by other people visiting the Website and (or) the owner of the Website to find and contact them.

2.       The owner of the Website uses manual and automatic ways to process personal data, provided in the Website. If a person does not consent to his or her personal data being processed by the Website owner, the person has the right not to use the Website.

3.       In addition to the data collection Website, a person may be asked to provide personal information to communicate by e-mail or by phone with the owner of the Website, to order or avail other services at the time, get the services or facilities after the acquisition, as well as for registering to participate in Website polls, campaigns, competitions etc. In such cases, the person may be asked to give their consent for processing of personal data, if such consent is required by law and has not been explicitly provided previously.

4.       Registered users of the Website are responsible for edits or updates to their personal information, as recorded in their registered user profiles, if they have been changed.

5.       When a person connects to the Website, certain non-personal information (Internet browser used type, number of visits, viewing website pages, time spent on the Website, average) is collected automatically. This information is used to improve the Website contents, functionality and attractiveness.


1.       Website owner monitors the traffic and gathers information about the number of people visiting the Website, primary web service provider's server area (domain) name and so on. These are collected automatically when users visit the Website. It helps the owner of the Website to understand how people use the Website and provides an opportunity to improve the Website's services.

2.       A person understands and agrees with the fact that the owner of the Website collects information about a person using Cookies and (or) Web beacons. Cookies are small files that are stored temporarily on the user's hard drive and allows to recognize the user's computer during Website visits. The owner of the Website uses cookies only to collect information related to the use of the website. The data provided by the cookie is anonymous and does not provide personal information. GIF files (called. Clear gif) and "action tags" technology may also be used as web indicators. Site indication website technology allows the owner to find out details about the person browsing the Website by clicking on an item (such as links, images, etc.). The data provided by the web indicators are anonymous and not linked to personally identifiable information. Users can always disable cookies (and web beacons), using the browser settings, but it may also inhibit some Website functionalities.

Personal Information recovery targets

1.       The following are mentioned examples of the purposes for which the owner can use in-Website personal information collected about individual person / business:

a.       The pooled data is used for statistical analysis of the overall performance and the behavior of those registered, in order to find out the needs relating to certain Website services and analyze their performance. Without these data, the Website owner would be unable to change and edit Website content and services offered;

b.       In order to be able to offer special services and advertising;

c.       The use of operations related to the sale of services and purchase operations or any other agreement between the owner of the website and personal execution, including personal payment confirmation, as well as customer support services (eg, asking personal opinion about the website services and so on.), organizing third party sweepstakes, contests and other promotional activities in the Website or for visitors of the Website;

d.       The owner of the Website collects general search word lists from various search engines. This information is anonymous and is used to develop the services, monitoring and improvement, improve targeted advertising and other purposes;

e.       The Website owner may use personal information in order to be able to contact the person or business and notify the amended and updated Website services or rules violations, and provide other information. The Website owner may use personal information if a person is a participant or declared the winner of the games or contests organized on the Website;

f.        Having personal consent (given on the Youare.com.au website), Website owner may send e-mails, letters to a mailbox, or short messages (SMS) to a mobile phone registered on the Website, with information about their own or third-party services, which, the Website owner feels may be of interest to a person. With their approval, the Website owner may combine the information about the person with that of the third parties in general, or promotional purposes deemed suitable to be able to provide new services and other interesting offers.

2.       The Website prohibits misleading, defamatory, or compromising information about any person or entity that could potentially cause direct, or indirect damages to the Website owner, other persons or entities. Persons providing false (harmful) information assume full responsibility for any consequences arising from the submission of that information and directly liable under the laws of Australia.

3.       The Website contains other legally approved products and services. The owner of the Website is not responsible for the advertising correctness of these products and services and for any consequences arising from the use of or potential recourse to their advertising.

4.       It is forbidden to send e-mails, transfer or send any content and (or) a reference to any published content in the Website via other electronic means without explicit consent. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited or limited by the laws of Australia. It also prohibits their use in any commercial, for direct marketing purposes and (or) for granting such access to third parties (where consent has not been obtained).

5.       The owner of the Website wishes to recall that the registered user is responsible for the protection and confidentiality of all their login data and personal information. A person should disconnect from the browser when finished with work in order to ensure that nobody receives access to their personal e-mail, personal information, especially in cases where a person uses a public computer (e.g., Library, etc.).

6.       The owner of the Website warns that users must be careful and not disclose their personal information (such as a personal identification number, passport number and so on.) to third parties while using the Website's services. Such information can be used in various ways and against the interests of the person, as well as activities such as fraud, sending spam and so on.

Withdrawal of registration

1.       Persons registered at Youare.com.au Website, at any time can remove their personal data from Youare.com.au database, also removing their registration altogether.

2.       The application for registration withdrawal may be sent by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The application must clearly state your name, username and registration details (if any).

Data storage life

1.       The owner of the Website has the right to remove the registration details or entire record of a person from the Website database, at any time and for any reason. The Website owner may apply to the appropriate authorities for prosecution of the person responsible for the unauthorized acts of using Website material, including reclamation of lost income, and non-pecuniary damage to the owner of the Website, its partners, customers or other persons and entities.

2.       Website owner, under no circumstances, be liable for any consequences caused by force majeure (force majeure) influence, which could affect the user in any way or foreseen.

3.       The owner of the Website is not responsible for the protection of the privacy practices of third party websites, even in cases where the third-party websites reach people via the link in the Website.

4.       All submitted here Privacy policy settings can be changed unilaterally by the owner of the Website and completed. Such amendments shall enter into force after their publication on the Website. If a person still uses the Website and (or) services after Privacy Policy updates publication, it is considered that he agrees with all the changes. Users who disagree with the content of the amended Privacy Policy, lose the right to use the Website and its services and are also obligated to immediately revoke their registration on the Website. Website visiting individuals must be committed to making sure that they are aware of the latest version of the Privacy Policy.

5.       To protect the data, the owner of the Website using a variety of administrative, technical and physical security measures. The personal login data may be accessed only by authorized personnel at Youare.com.au.


Updated: 1 June 2016