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Just having a website doesn’t take your business online. Your website has to be developed according to these 26 search engine terms and conditions. On Page SEO is must for all website to boost exposure, click ratio, visibility, and of course attract visitors.

For better ranking in Search and better user experience
For better ranking with desired keywords and click through rate.
Targeting proper keywords in the content and meta description.
For better click through rate from search engines to attract visitors.
Headers (H1 to H6) with proper hierarchy for better indexing and user experience.
Strong / Italic / Underline - For emphasizing on important keywords and user attraction.
For better SEO indexing and for user help.
For better crawling and page speed.
For emphasizing on important keywords and user attraction.
For better authority citation (if required).
For excluding unwanted and admin pages from search crawler.
To get all the pages crawled by search engines.
To avoid page/content duplication issues.
For an optimized website according to Search Engine Algorithm.
Proper utilization of 301, 301 and meta refresh redirects.
Google prefers sites that are trusted and certified.
For better understanding of your website's visitors/traffic.
Helps you to identify issues with your site and can even let you know if it has been infected with malware.
We consult you with setting up your Ads and Campaigns
We consult you with proper page optimzation for page load time" (the time it takes to fully display the content on a specific page) or "time to first byte".
We consult you with the proper placement of Blogs/Content/CTAs.
We consult you with the proper placement of Social Sharing buttons for your website.
We consult you with the proper placement of Subscribers options.
Consultation on comparing two versions of a webpage or app against each other to determine which one performs better.
We consult you for placement and integration of social profiles for better social visibility.
We consult you for a great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes.

Don’t settle for the second best

YouAre will learn your business and analyze your current situation before presenting a strategy. The additional insight allows us to provide the best SEO and strategic advice possible.

Search Engine & Optimization

FEATURES: $ 299 (AUD)/MONTH $ 449 (AUD)/MONTH Get a Quote
Number of keywords 5 10 Our custom Search Engine optimization packages can be customized to your needs and requirements. Our experts will help you select which features to include in the package based on your budget and business goals.
Minimum contract period 5 Months 8 Months
Website Analysis Recommendation
Competitor Analysis
Keywords Research and Analysis (Only at Basic Level) (Only at Basic Level)
Duplicate Content Check
Initial Rank Report Checking
W3C Validation Check(For Home Page Only)
Onpage Optimization (only Some Dedicated pages) (only Some Dedicated pages)
Dealing with Duplicate Issues
Google/Bing Webmaster Tools Installation
Google Analytics Installation
XML Sitemaps Creation
HTML Sitemap Creation
RSS Feeds Creation
Optimizing Robots.txt
Header Tags Optimization
Optimizing Title/Meta Tags
Image Optimization
Anchor Tag Optimization
Interlinking Suggestion
Existing Content Optimization
Structured Onpages(E-commerce)
Website Speed Analysis
Creation of New Landing Pages(If Required)
Content Optimization (only that is added by us) (only that is added by us)
Blog Writing
Article Writing & Submission
Press Release Submission
Social Profile Creation (Only 2 Profile) (Only 2 Profile)
Infographic Submission
Blog Installation
Communication And Report
Monthly Rank Report
Customer Support

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