I want to register my business with YouAre, but I feel a bit lost. Is there anything I should know?

Follow these handy tips in order to draw the attention of the right customers, and allow your business to thrive!

1. It’s all in the details.

It is important to provide potential customers with a detailed description of your business. Your description should answer as many potential questions as possible, and paint an accurate representation of your business. Think about what information a customer requires, and be as clear and thorough as possible.

2. A picture is 1000 words.

Be sure to insert at least three to five pictures of previous completed jobs. This allows customers to get an idea of the work you do, and also lets you show off what your business does best. Use a variety of pictures, and do not be afraid to use as many diverse selections as possible!

3. Options, Options, Options.

In order to reach the customers that are best suited to your business, make sure to select the right promotional options. As long as they are economically feasible, purchasing Promotions is always to your business’ advantage. YouAre offers a great selection of Promotions “VIP” and “First” are two undeniably useful Promotions, but perhaps a different available Promotion would be more suitable or appropriate for your business endeavours. Be sure to always take the time to read the Promotion descriptions before selecting them.

4. Points and Dollars.

At YouAre, 1 point is equal to $1. A handy tip to keep in mind is that when you order a package of points, you are receiving more points for a lower price. This means that the most economically savvy route is to always check the point packages before paying for any service.

Can I create more than one business page?

Yes, you can create as many business pages as you would like! Just be sure to create only one page per business you own.

How do I use my website points?

When it comes time for you to purchase any Promotion (i.e. VIP, First, Border, etc.), you are able to use your website points in order to complete the order. On the payment screen, you will see the option to enter your payment information through Credit Card, PayPal, or use your website points. Simply select the option to use your website points, and the appropriate sum of money will be deducted from your YouAre account. You can also utilize your payment points in order to pay your yearly fee.

I couldn't find my category and services that i provide to customers in "Create business page", what should i do?

Please inform us about your business and services you provide to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If the business and services are under the terms and conditions, we'll add it and send you a notification in 24 hours of your message. As apology for inconvenience, we'll add 10 YouAre points to your account