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Micron21 is Australia’s first Tier 4 Data Centre and is 100% Australian owned. Micron21 services millions of global internet customers daily and offers one of the most secure cloud platforms available. Our cloud platform provides maximum reliability and scalability, as you would expect from a premium service provider. Micron21’s international fibre network is backed by world class, industry-leading DDOS protection and we offer 24/7 support and monitoring that is adapted to suit your individual needs. Micron21 is your trusted partner for all managed IT, infrastructure, hosting and mission critical solutions. Micron21 is defined by scalability, rapid growth, and superior technical evolution. Every aspect of our business thrives on excellence.While Micron21 operates in premium cloud hosting technology today, our story as Australia's first tier 4 data centre is penned in printer's ink. In printing terms, a single micron is equal to one millionth of a metre. The lower the micron, the higher the resolution and the harder it is to replicate. Defined by accuracy, quality and the utmost security, low-micron technology is used to prevent counterfeit in federal currency.

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Servers and Hosting Services 24/7 Support
Web hosting
Dedicated servers
Storage & back up servers
Dedicated cloud
Infrastructure dedicated servers
Virtual private servers


Factory 3 / 6-8 Eastspur Court, Kilsyth, VIC, 3137, Australia, 3137



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