Make Your Garden Look Great All Year Round

Your backyard or front lawn don’t have to look dull during the cold days of winter. Here’s how you can turn your outer space into a great looking space all year round through the changing seasons.

Use perennials shrubs to create four season structure in your garden

Perennial shrubs are evergreen trees and will add some much-needed structure to a four-season garden. They will not only add textures to your garden in warmer climate but also gives bursts of colors in winter.

Especially smaller shrubs are easier to care for and can still give an elegant shape to your landscaping areas.

Plant flowers that blossoms at different times of year

The key to achieving a round the year garden is to plant different plants that flower at different time of the year.

For summer try plants like rose, daylily and black eyed Susan. For spring try pansy, tulip and daffodil. For autumns try pansy, asters and sedum. And for winter try planting camellia, snowdrops and even some chokeberry bushes.

Find a gardener nearby

Add items of your interest

Gardening is more than just planting flowers. For example a rocky pathway can add a great look to your yard all the year round. Arches and trellises are both practical and decorative.

Even a small bridge to cross over can add a wow factor to your yard. This can be a best photo session place all the year round.


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